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Friday, July 4th, 2008
9:59 am
How is everyone doing?

I am not doing as well as I want.  In fact I am right back where I started. :(
Thursday, November 1st, 2007
2:52 pm
chugging along..
how's everyone doing?

i got back on the running bandwagon, taking today by force. an extra circuit, and i did manage to RUN almost all of them.

i'm glad of that. i f i keep up and don't slack offf (like i have been the past week)j i should really be able to run (or at least jog) the whole 5-circuit. i really needed to add another circuit, seeing as how it only takes me 20 minutes instead of 30 to do a 4-circuit now.

dunno about weight. still don't have a scale. the inches have stopped, but i attributte that to my slacking.

on a bonus, i did restrain myself, and only had ONE piece of chocolate candy yesterday. the bowls of leftover candy aren't even tempting me that much, however, the three musketeers mini i found in our driveway when starting off for my run is tempting me FIERCELY. maybe because we didn't have 3 musketeers, so it's the only one in the house?

Sir has a bag of peanut M&M funpacks on top of the fridge just for Him, and i think i'm going to break down and ask for some tonight. Peanut M&Ms are among my fvorite candies. (the orange and yellow ones are my favorites. i don't like blue and red)

and if you have to eat chocolate, malted milk balls (whoppers) have less calores and WAY less fat per serving (and way biggger servings!!) than anything else. (hershey's, reeses, etc.)

i discovered that a serving that thy count equals a funsize hershey bar, one reeses, and for the whoppers, which come in thre-ball packs. SIX packs make one serving .. SIX!!! dude. i only need ONE pack to do my chocolate fix.

so i think, for chocolate, whoppers are going to be my choice. i love them anyhow.

now, if i could only find a substitute for Krispy kremes. *sigh*

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007
4:35 am
 Well, after all my angst about overeating the other day, I weighed today and was at 129 1/2 pounds!  Yes, actually under that seemingly impenetrable 130 mark!  I am ecstatic!
Sunday, October 21st, 2007
12:40 pm
Thanks for the supportive comments to my last post; you folks have me feeling better about things.  I have to remember that I'm in this for the long haul, keep my eyes on the prize, and all those other weightloss cliches that really are true despite being cliches! :-)

I talked to my Love yesterday about weight -- he's dieting, too -- and we were talking about how it might help with certain sexual positions, not to mention stamina. He told me about a sexual position that worked with his ex at a time when she had lost weight and was very light. (It involved lifting.)  

Well, I said I needed a motivator, didn't I?!? So now I have another reason to lose weight: to compete with the ex. Er, thanks, Dear, I think....
Saturday, October 20th, 2007
9:24 pm
Getting Back on track.. cross from my sparkpage.
Why is it so hard to get back on track?

Looking back over the past week of food tracking.. I know i need to start preparing lunches the nite before and bringing them. I love that garlic chicken, but it is killing my diet and my pocket book.
And then there is the exercise part. How do i work it in? I have a hard enough time dragging my lazy ass out of bed, but to get up early to work out? I have zero motivation when it comes to that. Not having a car is not helpful either because I have an hour long bus trip, so I am not getting home until at least 6.30 and it is time to make dinner and do homework. Bleh... There has got to be a way to make it work..

I am going to walk during my lunch break and try doing some of the spark exercises. Sure it will not be the sweat inducing work out that I think i need but maybe, just maybe this will be a building block?

Goals for the week:
#1 pack lunches (salad and protein)
#2 walk during lunch
#3 do spark exercises.

Current Mood: weird
5:23 am
Bad Day
 I overate yesterday & am really bummed out. Have not been exercising. No further weight lost since last post. Need encouragement badly.  :-(
Thursday, October 11th, 2007
2:57 am
I weighed today. I've been doing pretty well on my eating but not exercising much so I didn't know what to expect. I figured I could be down a pound to 132, or maybe the same as last week's weigh-in at 133, or even back up a pound to 134. Any of those would have been something I could deal with. My big fear was that I would have actually gone the wrong direction even further and gained up to 135 -- now that would have been depressing.

To my utter shock and delight, I weighed in at 131 pounds! A whole two pounds down from last week. Woo Hoo! 
I don't know HOW that's possible, but believe me, I'm not complaining!
Monday, October 8th, 2007
9:43 am
Low Calorie Meatloaf Recipe
Had to share this recipe with all of you who are counting calories.  I found the recipe in an old copy of Cooking Light Magazine.

Dinner Meat Loaf Muffins

1 tsp olive oil
1 C finely chopped onion
1/2 C finely chopped carrot
1 tsp dried oregano
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 C ketchup, divided
1 1/2 lbs extra lean ground beef
1 C finely crushed fat free saltine crackers
2 TBSP mustard (i omit because we don't like mustard and its fine without)
1 tsp Worcestshire sauce (i use liquid smoke usually because we don't generally have worcestshire on hand)
1/4 tsp black pepper
2 eggs

Preheat oven to 350.
Heat olive oil in skillet, add onion, carrot, oregano, & garlic.  Saute 2 minutes. Cool.
Combine onion mixture, 1/2 C ketchup, and the remaining ingredients.
Spoon the mixture into 12 muffin cups coated with cooking spray.  Top each with 2 tsp ketchup.  
Bake at 350 for 25 minutes.  Let stand 4 minutes.

2 "muffins" equals 276 calories, 28.7 grams protein & 21.7 grams Carbs.

Note:  These freeze wonderfully.  Double the recipe and freeze extras in plastic bags for quick dinners later on.
Saturday, October 6th, 2007
12:54 am
133 !

I lost another pound -- now at 133. I've had several compliments form co-workers lately, so either this couple of pounds that I've lost came off of a noticeable place (hopefully, my belly!) or else my Jedi mind tricks are working. :-)

Thursday, September 27th, 2007
11:27 pm
i was RUNNING...
may i just szay here that after being used to running everysingleomgday, NOT running for the duration of this sick has royally SUCKED.

i really did just want to go out and run yesterday for like an HOUR or something... but no, i stayed inside like a good girl and .. wel, to put it bluntly, i moped. mope mope mope. i hate being sick, and i REALLY hate being blah and icky.

TODAY however, i was feeling fine, and i knew last night when i went to bed that today was going to e the day i got back in my groove.

and it was fabulous.

so, apparently, it takes about 8 weeks to really fel like this exercise thing is a necessary integral part of your life...

and i'm really happy about that. i know now where my actual honest to got hip bones are (and they are NOT where i thought they were) and i am tucking in more at the waist. my boobs are suffering *sigh* getting both smaller and softer... but they are still not unattractive, i think. and my boobs have always been kinda.. not big..

i had something with a bunch of cheese the other day, and i felt really ick the whole rest of the day. i think my eating habits have shifted to where i am not handling large amounts of processed dairy like cheese, but the sour cream (non-fat) seems to not have the same effect. maybe it's the fat? i dunno

anyhow, i think i'm going to toss out (donate, re-use, whatever) all my pants over a size 18. they're too big (only just for some of them, small-cut 20's) but i don't want them there to "fall back on".

and i SERIOUSLY need new bras. i have three new sports bras (36 b thankyouverymuch) and well, they're about the only ones that fit me. i have another bra, just a beige stretchy thing, that fits kind of, but i really wanted to push my boobs together the other day, and my previous "boob enhancing" bra is now so big on me that i really CAN fit a pair of socks in each cup with my boobs.. besides, it's too big around my bust. *sigh*

so i need new bras. does anyone need a size 40 C bra? it's nice, cacique, from lane bryant, and it's a pretty blue with bikini patterns on it (now that i think about it, it's kinda weird that LANE BRYANT would put a pattern of teensy bikinis on their bra...) if anyone has a 36 (or 38)b push-em-together bra, i will SO trade!


Current Mood: bouncy
Monday, September 24th, 2007
3:12 am
 I am hoping for mercy tomorrow when I weigh myself for the first time in a while!  I'm going to be brave and report my weight to you all no matter what, so I'm afraid that if it's bad, I may embarrass myself. One thing that I hope this blog will do is keep me accountable: In other words, if I know I'm going to be telling people my weight on a regular basis, maybe I'll be more inspired to do a better job with my diet and exercise.

 I had a fantastic time with my Love last week and I didn't pig out too badly (thanks for the suggestions, btw), but to be honest, I didn't exactly eat lightly either. I'm crossing my fingers that the physical activity he put me through will balance it out. (I actually came home with sore butt muscles from riding him for so long. teehee)

The bad thing is that once I got into that over-eating mode during the days with him, it was hard to get out of it. I think I ate more on the first couple of days back home than I did while I was gone. I finally got back on track today. 

Tonight I was pretty hungry and trying to decide what to eat and I saw that I had a bag of frozen stir fry veggies. Low and behold, the label said they had only 30 calories per serving and there were 6 servings in the bag. I did the math and realized that I could eat the whole bag for only 180 calories. Holy sh*t! So I microwaved them with a little low-sodium soy sauce and threw in a can of cream of mushroom soup, which was only 175 calories, and ate a FREAKIN' GI-NORMOUS amount of food for only 355 calories! Wow. 

Now I'm feeling full and virtuous and naughty and not naughty and satisfied all at the same time, kinda like I do after sex with my Sweetie. ;-)
Sunday, September 23rd, 2007
9:10 am
Week 2 in Review
Alright folks… the verdict is: 311. Yup, I’m still 311. No loss, no gain. It’s one of those good and bad things. I’m happy I didn’t gain any weight but kinda saddened I haven’t lost a single pound yet. Not that I’m too surprised, it is just the beginning of a long journey. It is also the beginning of my bloat week so… after that’s all done I could have lost 2 lbs or something and never known it :P

I did pretty well with my eating and exercise mainly because I brought it to Master’s feet and asked him to be my conscience. We have a dry erase board with letters on it; one for water, diet, exercise and strength training. I have to cross them off as they are completed. If I fail to succeed with it, I get one day to make it up (only if that day before I didn’t have time to do it). If I don’t make it up I get a cane stroke added to my tally and the punishment is handed out that day. Master was generous to start the tally at 5.  We started this method on Thursday so the jury is still out on whether it works, but I think it will only have a positive impact as I hate the punishment cane so much that I don’t want to see 6 strokes on the board. The only way to get a stroke removed is to be a perfect score for a whole week.

I’m thinking of upping my strength training as supposedly I selected 30 mins workout but it’s only taking me 15-20 and it’s not taxing me a lot. I don’t even feel the burn anywhere but my stomach for about 5 mins after.

I lowered the food calorie range that SP.com keeps upping for some reason. The website diet says my high range should be 2450. I seriously doubt my metabolism is up high enough for me to eat that much. I lowered it to 2000 as my high range and when I start feeling hungry after I eat 2000 then I know my metabolism is working higher and I can up it.

Next week I am of course working towards a perfect score. I can’t make the tally go down any (since it’s at the starting point) but I sure as hell don’t want to see it go up. Today I will up my strength training regime and make sure that my cardio is at or more than 30 mins (30 mins still pushes me so I think I’ll stay there for now). Let’s hope for weight loss next week!


Friday, September 21st, 2007
3:47 pm
It's starting again
Master informed me that i am now required to do 20 minutes of exercise a minimum of 3 times a week.  

i started my exercise program today.  It's a 12 week program and it can be brutal at times but it's really so much fun!  

When i went through the program back in the spring, i did the first four weeks and it wasn't until the end that i could do all 60 mountain climbers in one day.  (3 reps of 20) Holy CRAP - i was so excited to get to that part today (NOT) but i made it through 3 reps of 20 and nearly cheered out loud!!!  i haven't lost it!  YAY ME!! :)  

i just had to come and post; i've been lazy for three months and am just so excited to be getting back into the exercise portion of my journey.   Exercise makes me feel good about myself; it makes me feel like i've accomplished something and it makes me feel better about times when i am less than perfect on the nutrition side of things.  :)  

Is anybody else out there doing a specific program as far as exercise goes?  i would love to read what everybody else is doing...either in comments or here in a post.  i do well once i get going but am always looking for someone to buddy up with to report back to (besides Master of course) and discuss new stuff to try. 
Wednesday, September 19th, 2007
8:55 pm
My Progress
Hello everyone,

I also am down to a size 16 from a size 22, and the 16's I bought are even a little loose on me!!! I am up to 1100 calories from the 900 plus calories I was taking, and next Tuesday I go to a new Doctor who promised to listen to me and fix my thyroid levels to where I am comfortable with them, and where I feel better!!! That is an awesome birthday present if you ask me!!!

Current Mood: bouncy
Tuesday, September 18th, 2007
8:47 pm
progress, progress...
well, our scale is broken and has been for a week. so i have NO idea about lost poundage. i do know, though, that at the beginning, four weeks ago (has it really been four weeks? wow!) i was in size 20/22 jeans, and now i can fit a 16 (they're all lane bryant jeans so no brand-size skips..)

that's three sizes down. and i can really tell.

and now it's confession time. i ran today. and i haven't run for four days. i did do the strength training on friday, but this weekend i wanted to take a break, and monday, my knees were killing me (i seem to be chugging right along with my dad's arthritis) and i made an excuse...

in Sir's credit, i shared this information with Him, and He was neither discouraging, nor did He express tons of disappointment. He DID, however, express to me His still-solid confidence. "my knees hurt" i said. "i think i'm going to have to run later in the day, or something..."

"wont' that make it harder for you to work it into your day?" He said.
"umm.. i guess so? but... what if my knees hurt tomorrow morning?"
"you've never had a problem working through pain before..."

and i didn't have an answer to combat that. arthritis pain is usually best relieved by a little ibuprofen, and moving the darn joint. which means He's right. getting that thing in motion will only help, the sooner the better.

and today, i realized how right He was. after running, my knee was FAR less creaky, and they didn't ache anywhere near as much all day, despite the colder temperatures that usually increase the ow-factor..

i've laxed my calorie counting, since i've become a little more used to smaller portions, i trust myself without rigid measuring and counting... so that's good.

all in all, i think i'm plucking along really well..

and man, bugger ME if He doesn't take advantage of my hips being less padded. His flat-fisted punches now jar me on my feet, and hurt OW. *smiles* it's so nice...

how's everyone else doing? report in, please, guys! let us know!


Current Mood: calm
Sunday, September 16th, 2007
8:52 am
CROSSPOST: Week 1 in Review
Well, I’m up 1 pound for my weight loss goal. That means I can’t make that progress bar on the right go down any. That’s not to say there isn’t any progress through! If you haven’t been with me since the beginning I have challenged myself to lose 10 lbs by the end of this year. I’m so happy to know that many of you think I can do more than that. We will have to see, I know I’d be delighted! You can follow my progress on The Iron Gate Blog in the right hand sidebar.

I entered my food in my food diary every single day last week. I exercised on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. I’m beginning to feel a little better and I have stronger goals for this coming week. I’ve put my weight loss stats in the sidebar as well so that if you are a numbers person like I am you can see the actual results as they happen. I also intend on posting my progress pictures (yikes). Stay tuned for that.

Master has done great with reigning me in and tasking me to exercise and watch what I eat; almost like a nagging mom. But it’s working and I hope he doesn’t stop.

Today I do 30 mins of cardio and eat under 2000 calories. I have to get my water intake back up to 80 oz as I didn’t have more than 30 oz yesterday. I can’t let myself slack one bit!

Originally published at luna's Journey. Please leave any comments there.

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007
2:28 am
 I will be visiting my Love for a few days next week. (Yay!)  Problem is, he is big guy with a big appetite so I know we'll be eating and drinking -- a lot. I don't know if I have the willpower to keep myself from pigging out while seeing him pig out. And I'm damn sure not going to turn down any wine kisses! 

We've joked about putting me on an all cum diet, but it's just a joke. (I think!)

Any suggestions for keeping your eating under control when you are with someone else who loves to eat and eats great food in front of you?


PS - I'm expecting the exercise part of the equation to be taken care of by lots of great sex!
Tuesday, September 11th, 2007
1:08 pm
A couple of questions for the food gurus out there. I know I could probably look this up but why not get some action going here with it instead.

I love love love cooked vegetables, but I love them with butter and salt. How much am I sabotaging my diet by plopping on that gloob of margarine? What are some other seasoning alternatives in place of butter that are healthier? Because I can stick to the healthy veggies, but not plain veggies. Blech.

The last few nights for dinner, I've had nothing but squash. I had butternut squash last night, and zucchini the night before. But I figured that with the amount of butter/salt/brown sugar I put on, it was probably more fattening than whatever the rest of the family had. But it was so gooooooood!

Also, is there any advantage to using brown sugar as a sweetener over white sugar? In things like oatmeal or wherever else it could be substituted? I have this idea in my head that brown sugar is better for you than white sugar. I don't know why.

Salads. I eat a LOT of salad. I'm required to eat at least one a day, sometimes two. I like good old-fashioned lettuce salads with the cucumber/tomato toppings, but I'm about getting tired of having the same kind. Does anyone have any other salad combinations that they like? I want to mix it up a bit. I know I have to be really careful with the salad dressings, I always buy the low fat/fat free stuff. But I need some variety!

Munch ideas? I like to grab and nibble. Grapes, carrots, low fat wheat thins (rice cakes are AWFUL!) I like those kellog cereal bars. If I have something I can grab quick that's good for me, I'm less likely to grab the Little Debbie's instead. So I'm always on the lookout for munchie ideas.

I'm definitely starting to see the payoff with the exercise. I'm shrinking! Not much yet, but I can feel the difference in my clothes. I feel better, more energy, less bloated and blah. It's very encouraging to see and feel the progress. It makes reaching for the munchies harder when I tell myself "self, that's two miles of walking to burn off that potato chip!" :D

3:38 am
perils of the scales
 I think(!) I've figured out how to post here -- guess we'll see....

I have been feeling very down on myself lately due to body issues (being out of shape, etc.). The other day, I decided to weigh myself after not doing so for about a month. I felt like I had gained a little weight but was unsure how much and I was *incredibly* scared to find out! 

I got on the scales with someone (who shall be referred to from here on out simply as "Asshole") standing behind me. It was the kind of scale that you see at a lot of doctors' offices, with 2 sliding metal markers that you position to create a balance and tell you how much you weigh. Do you know the kind of scale i mean? The bottom marker is moved in increments  of 50 pounds, so you get it to the right position and then move the top marker to zero in on your actual weight. 

I set the bottom marker to 100 pounds and then moved the top one to 35 pounds, hoping that I had not gained weight after all and was still around 135. It wasn't enough. I moved that smaller marker all the way up to 150 and it still wasn't enough. At this point, my brain went into panic mode: Good grief, how in #$%& could I have gained enough to weigh more that 150 pounds in just one month!?!?

I moved the bottom weight marker to 150 pounds and started inching the other marker up. I was (sorta) maintaining composure on the outside, but by this point I was totally bugging out on the inside. Then, finally, logic over took panic in my brain and I realized that there was no freaking way I could have gained THAT much since my last weigh-in. That's when I realized that Asshole had a foot on the scale behind me and was playing a "trick" on me. 

Yes, he intended it as a joke. But when you already ready to hate yourself over your weigth, that kind of joke is NOT funny. The scary part of all this was the sheer intensity of, first, the panic that I felt when I thought I had gained that much weight; and second, the total seething HATRED I felt for Asshole at that moment for putting me through that. I'm still pissed off about it, to be honest. 


P.S. As it turns out, I had not really gained weight; I was just bloated due to PMS, so all the additional anst (above and beyond the usual "I'm fat" angst) was mostly unwarrented.
Friday, September 7th, 2007
11:40 am
It started out with me looking for routines to use my exercise ball and steamrolled into all sorts of goodies with yoga.

Six yoga stretches to wake you up - These have worked wonders for my morning back pain.

Fat blasting yoga - I'm slowly getting better at remembering my count on sequence four. *giggles* I'm out of shape, so going through with the counts as they say makes me feel like I've actually done something.

Buff body yoga - I've only been brave enough to try the first pose with this one, but now that I've gotten the first two routines down a lil better I'll be adding this one next week.

Yoga for hotter sex - I haven't even touched this one yet, but it's definitely on my list. *weg*

My abs and rear need some work as well, so as I move along with those I'll be digging around here (abs) and here (butt). And I even managed to find a workout for my ball here.

I'm really liking Prevention. *grins* I'm still working on my list, trying to figure out how long each one takes me and what I want to do when but I think I'm off to a decent start. If I decide to try something different once I've worked through these, I'll share.

And while I'm thinking about good sites, I found one the other day, RealAge.com. My real age is only 3 years older than what I am, which I suppose is good, but I wouldn't mind being younger! They give you a 'plan' after the test that will help lower your age that's packed full of good suggestions for better health. I haven't dug around the site much, but I've come across a few good articles so far.
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